New Hope in the Name of Christ

Well we made it … our two weeks of orientation are complete and already a few of our new friends have begun flying off to their new lands. Here is a photo of all the MCC orientees from these past two weeks that are from or going to places where MCC serves in Latin America or the Caribbean (and two MCC staff people).

Orientees from/going to Countries in Latin America/Caribbean

We have been so blessed by the community around us who share many of the same experiences and thoughts, with each person’s story being unique and just as God directed as our own. At this point we feel like our MCC orientation has given us a good foundation to go out on Monday -  yet we recognize there is still lots to learn along the journey. As I sit here a few key things that come to my mind for us to remember these next months:

  • Be flexible,
  • Embrace the diversity of the people with whom you work alongside and seek to serve,
  • Connect with People – relationships will likely be the avenue to making our biggest impact,
  • Don’t just serve but be willing to show your needs and empower others to  serve you too,
  • Be there – embrace the culture you are in,
  • Take care of yourself – center yourself daily in Christ in whom is our hope and peace.

I include a brief statement I shared at our sending/blessing service this past Friday that focused our attention on “New Hope in the Name of Christ” – MCC theme for this year and our weeks of orientation.

“We are focusing our thoughts today on God as the author and vision of the hope we communally share. We recognize that through the Spirit of Christ, God is already present in the places to which we will soon depart. And while heartache and struggle accompany both ourselves and those who we go seek to serve. In this lies our hope – that God, through the person of Christ, has the desire and ability to make all things new. “

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