New Days in New Places

So yesterday marked the beginning of a new phase to our life here in Mexico, in part because  it marked the beginning of Ezra’s school days and also Rick’s official beginning at INESIN.  Ezra could hardly wait to get out the door and I was happy to hear him be excited about the adventure at the end of the morning – but yes there were a few tears and anxious moments along the way. We are  thankful that his small, alternative, spanish school called “Pinguinos” is happy to have Hilary and I be around the school for these first days/weeks.

Off to School

For his first day we joined Ezra and his class and for some of the activities and by today we encouraged him to do a bit more on his own – so far we are doing pretty good.  I have seen a few smiles on Ezra’s face while his class played games, painted and when his one teacher – Ester – pays special attention to him gets him giggling a bit too. Yet, Ezra is also much of an observer in new situations so it will take a bit for him to get right in there. But I am very proud of him! Pinguinos has about 55 kids ages 3 – 10 including mexican, indigenous and foreign children half of whom are there on bursary.  Its a good place for Ezra to have some more typical preschool experiences while also getting to interact with kids from different ethnic and economic backgrounds.  (I’m sure I’ll share more about his experience and the school in the future). While at times I have felt unsure about starting Ezra in school at this point in his young life, I also do think these next 6 months of preschool for Ezra will be helpful for him to learn Spanish, give him more diverse things to do in his day, get to know some friends and learn some good things from his teachers and from being involved in a group setting.

Play Time

Hilary and I are also enjoying visiting Ezra’s school and playing around there together.  And while at times I feel a sense of loss in being away from Ezra it also gives me new opportunities to have focused time with Hilary who is talking lots, can be quite entertaining, and loves to try to attempt most things by “self.” Where Hilary and I all end in regards to my volunteer work and her care is still up in the air, but we are focusing on getting Ezra settled and thinking and praying about different options for the future.

Rick has also begun at INESIN (see the website link under our “work life” section).  Today felt pretty good as we all exited the house at 8:30 am, Rick off on his new/used Mexican bike and the kids and I off on our sit and stand stroller (which while it hasn’t been used all the time in our travels so far it is a big help in this new school routine, thanks Michele and Mom Falk). Rick continues to be excited for work and the great community of people he will be working alongside.  I have felt a strong sense of God’s spirit in the leadership and have enjoyed the ecumenical focus of the group. The kids and I feel very welcomed and appreciated when we visit the “compound” – it even has a trampoline! I look forward to more thoughts from Rick somewhere down the road about his work. For now,  I should mention that we enjoyed some time at INESIN and other places this past week with a group of guys from Nebraska who were doing some painting work at INESIN as part of their MCC Mexico Work and Learn Tour –

And so a new part of our adventure begins…

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