Preparation Days

The time between accepting our MCC assignment this past May and the beginning of September went quickly. So we found ourselves going through the different rooms in our house sorting, throwing out, recycling, donating, and then packing. Despite the hard work needed God continued to provide what was needed along the way – wether that be renters for our home, babysitters for our children, or new moving vans when others died on the side of the road. As Rick has stated several times “it feels like the assignment has already begun.” We are so thankful for the practical and prayer support from many of our friends and family and that our kids so far seem to be taking all of this quite in stride. While we might be the one’s journeying out to Mexico we definitely couldn’t being doing this without the help of others. Special thanks go to Peter and Rianne for loving our children so much and coming in at the last moment to finish clean up late that evening as we moved our last things our of our home. Also to Gma/Gpa Block for countless babysitting times and ongoing looking after our things back here in Saskatoon and to Gma/Gpa Falk for pushing through those last 5 days and giving us a good motorhome escort to BC. And so the days tick down until our Oct 16th departure to Pennsylvania.

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