One final burn….(and saying goodbyes)



Ezra and Grandpa Peter saying bye to the 2010 garden

How to spend those final days with family and friends?  Just be…together.  We had many meaningful times with those closest in our lives in the past month – you know who you are…thankyou.  We joyfully carry the weight that comes with these goodbyes – they are so full of joy, anticipation, and also sadness.  Especially as it relates to those special children (too long a list to share each name!) that enrich our lives as they grow and mature.   I have posted just a few pictures we took that captured some sentimental moments.  We thank God for his provision of family and community over many years, and we are excited for the new relationships He has planned for us. 




The Falks saying goodbye



Heidi and Rick sharing a slightly staged moment
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