Saying Hello …

Before leaving for Akron we were curious about who might be the other people that had made this decision to go to out as International service workers with MCC. Upon arriving we were blessed to find a wonderful diversity of folks from the U.S., Canada, and other countries –

Our Living Quarters at MCC

some yes who are going out to places in Latin America and Africa – but also others who serve in their home country with MCC and still others working for MCC in Canada and the US. A huge answer to prayer came when we realized there were 3 other boys close to Ezra’s age (2 born within the same week)  for him to play with – one whom even had a favorite “stuffie” twin.

Ezra’s New Friends

So here we find ourselves in this new community of people and while we miss those we left back home it is quite enjoyable to see and hear about other peoples journeys with MCC. To hear of other people and families whom have  rented their homes, sold their cars, packed up all their belongings and are carrying with them a few suitcases filled with personal items and whole host of both nervous and excited emotions.

Playing at Roland Park
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