Niño y Niña

Mango de Piña....yum yum - no these one's aren't green just one of a number of varities.

It was not my plan to write about our children in this next post and I was earlier going to get Rick to write about something else – but I just can’t help myself. This past weekend (the 30th) we celebrated Children`s day, and previous to that we had two weeks of cultural festivities….thus we have some great shots of Ezra and Hilary enjoying life here in Mexico that i’d like to share. So in addition to some pictures here are a few thoughts:

Off to the Races!

Ezra Jackson – our little observer/thinker. Even his teacher here in the first few months commented on his perceptiveness. Often in situations where one might think he is bored or not intrigued, he simply is concentrating and taking it all in. Weeks ago while laying in bed he announced to me “you know mom I can think of two things at once.” He occasionally does also bring up things he remembers from back in Canad, ie.  this past week he suddenly said – I’d like to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house –

Learning to Print

why you ask – to play Crokinole! Finally when at his school the other day I observed him as he followed his teachers Spanish instructions during a game and I was really impressed! After 6 months he is really getting it! Ezra continues to enjoy absorbing life here…just today Ezra walked probably 2 1/2 KM around town with me today without one complaint!

Hilary  Mae– our little ball of energy.

Playing in the Water - her Fav!

This girl is fun and funny. Rick calls her a “vriblevrips”!? She has a big grin and likes to show it off. She went to her first two days of school/daycare this week and got right involved in a variety of activities (with me in the class). You can often see her running down the street or definitely wanting to do everything by herself. She also has learned to do somersaults, jumping

Dancing with her “class”

clearly off to feet and has a good dancing repertoire. She also excludes a fair amount of energy, especially playing with her big bro, and will strongly state her desires and frustration if they aren’t quite met.  That said, she also demonstrates pretty good problem solving skills in doing puzzles way beyond her age and figuring out how to get things done her own little way, hey hearing her repeat and say Spanish phrases is also pretty cute!



So there are a few thoughts from a mom’s biased perspective, I wonder what Rick would have said? And to end things off some other shots from the past weeks including one more from the local Feria (ie. Carnival, PNE, EX type event).

First Day at Pinguinos


Fun at the Feria - yes I (jacquie) went on the roller coaster behind them!



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