Las Guacamayas (Selva Tropical!)

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Rick and I headed out to a region of Chiapas (one we had not yet visited) this past week for a 2 1/2 day trip – thanks to Gerry and Shirley (and Miriam) for taking care of our kids! On one hand it was part of celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year (July 3rd), but also completing a desire to simply get away from it all, just ourselves, and explore, talk and dream of what may come next. We decided to head to Las Guacamayas – a centro ecoturistico – which borders the Montes Azules biosphere reserve of the Lacandòn Jungle. The 7 hour trip (one way) by combi was a bit long, but well worth the day and a half we spent in this beautiful and tranquil setting. Here is an overview of the different flora and fauna we saw while on a 3 hour boat tour down the river and in and around the center.

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The lighting in this tree made for a beautiful picture, but can you spot the monkeys and a toucan?

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We saw a whole variety of  vegetation and birds – often two together as its the start of mating season.

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Our driver even took us up and down some small rapids, so the vegetation changed a bit as we headed up river.

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One of a few crocodiles we saw, felt funny to later swim  downstream in this same river, but they told us they wouldn´t attack!

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We saw both howler monkeys and spider monkeys, this one was right in front of our cabin – have you ever heard a howler monkey? They give off quite an impressive sound for a fairly small animal.

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The scarlet macaw (La Guacamaya Roja)  is an endangered spieces, this one is being cared for by the ecocenter but we did see a pair flying in the wild.

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 Sometime was also spent visiting, relaxing, swimming, reading, and dreaming. We also took a walk in the community, a well cared for and quaint pueblito, one I think we could both easily live in. Can you spot the Iguana in the left picture?

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