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After a long hiatus away from blog posts, I am finally getting around to posting about an event in which a community group that INESIN accompanies was recognized for its work – see below for the original write-up, translated into English.

Ecumenical gardening group from Pablo L Sidar receives the jCanaan Lum Acknowledgement

The jCanaanLum Acknowledgment is presented in the name of Father (jTatic in local language Tsotsil) Samuel Ruiz Garcia, who was Bishop of the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, and in memory of his invaluable work and committment to the protection and care of the land and people of the highlands of Chiapas. In this vein a collective group of peace and justice-based organizations select 3 recipient groups every two years from throughout Mexico to receive the acknowledgment. On January 21, 2014, the jCanaan Lum acknowledgment was bestowed on the Ecumenical Gardening Group from the community of Pablo L Sidar (Municipality of Chicomuselo), a group of 12 families that INESIN has had the privilege of accompanying for the past 6 years. According to the selection committee, this group was chosen primarily for the inter-confessional nature of their work, strengthening the community by bringing together Catholic and Evangelical families in learning to produce and prepare healthy, chemical-free food, and care for the land and water that sustains them.  In this manner the families are helping to construct a new and refreshing reality in Chiapas, promoting peace amongst neighbours (that differ in their spiritual confession) and a committment to care for creation. Congratulations!!


The photos above (left to right) – the group took a tour of a rooftop garden at a San Cristobal restaurant the day before receiving the award; initiating the jCanaanLum Acknowledgment with a Mayan ceremony; representatives of the Gardening group receiving their acknowledgment.

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