How do we expense this?

I would venture to guess that at some point during their service terms (or virtually throughout the majority of their terms!), all MCCers experience the blending between work life and personal life.  I believe too that most see this as an element that enriches life, most of the time.  Perhaps when it comes down to reporting monthly expenses it can be difficult in determining which way to go….personal expense…….or something that remains well-connected to our service assignment – mmmm… what about this one weekend we went to….

Recently we travelled to Pablo L Sidar, a community where I (Rick) work with a group of families through an MCC supported project. I have made many good friends there, and in the past months they had been suggesting that at some time I bring the whole family for a visit.  Taking advantage of the days off school/work for observance of Day of the Dead, we made the half-day trip and enjoyed 2 wonder-full days together…celebrating with the community, going on an excursion with the families from the community group, eating, laughing, telling stories and worshipping together. Still lots of discussion around agricultural issues, but in a different manner…….

Its hard to make this really come to life in words alone….thus I decided to continue with the content of this post via a photo-essay.  Hope you enjoy…….take care.

Friday night we celebrated with the entire community as they inaugurated their new park, of course centrally located and the daily gathering place of many people and activity. Lots of enthusiasm and tears for the beloved outgoing Municipal President. I hope to play in a basketball tourney here next June!

Taking a break from the photo shoot, of the many invited guests at the inauguration.









The lake is actually a dammed river, in the central lowland of Chiapas…the geography reminded me of Lake Diefenbaker in SK. The water was bath-tub warm and the kids pretty excited!

Jesus, a fisher of…well, fish, particularly with his home-made harpoon. While I have no verifying photo, he did catch a few, even up to 2 kg in size. Later that night he treated us to cena (supper) at his home-based eatery, mmm.











Two of my favorites! Don Jorge and Doña Ofelia in a spontaneous moment of mock-dancing. While it may sound insignificant, the fact that these folks have forged strong ties over and above their denominational identities is inspiring!

Lots of laughter and comments when I took this picture….when are we gonna have a little mexicana of our own?? jeje (I am providing no answer nor hints in any direction to this one…).











Ezra and Meredith hanging out……

Yulia and Hilary saying goodbye to the lake and each other….we`re likely to make another visit sometime in 2013!

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